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[round two] Artist: aquatic_fishy

Title: Do The Math
Subject: Balancing the equation
Pairing/Rating: Amber/Wilson/House, G.
Medium: Digital illustration.
Artist: [ profile] aquatic_fishy

Title: One and Two
Author: [personal profile] bell
Pairing: Amber/Wilson/House
Rating: NC-17
Length: 32 000 words
Spoilers: Diverges from canon starting from episode 4.14 Living the Dream.
Summary: Amber decides to make Wilson happy by adding House to their relationship, and realizes that by doing so, she may have subtracted herself.
Remember the idea I mentioned, earlier? Yeah. It came to me then, with a James who seemed so fantastically happy with so little, but what I alone couldn't provide for him. And that's why I said it. It came out easier than pulling his shirt over his head. "We should have sex with House."

Like I said, it made sense at the time.

James' languid jubilance fled the scene. He sat up, staring at me. It was comedic, really, because with his poor motor skills and that glare, he looked like he was imitating a cartoon villain. His hair was so tousled it was hard to take him seriously. "What?"

"You heard me." I ran my fingers around his abdomen, exaggerating the movement of my lips. It gets him going when I do that, if you know what I mean. Even drunk as he was, it had an effect on him. "A threesome: you, me, House."

He tried to put a hand over mine to stop me from caressing him, I guess, but he lost his balance and fell onto his back. "I knew I drank too much," James blinked, staring up at the ceiling.

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Title: Photograph
Subject: Jamie, age 18; Allison, age 14.
Pairing/Rating: Gen, G.
Medium: Digital
Artist: [ profile] aquatic_fishy

Title: your rosary beads under the bed
Author: [ profile] fated_addiction
Pairing: House/Cameron, Chase/Cameron
Rating: PG
Length: 22 935 words
Spoilers: General spoilers for season five.
Summary: The truth is she's had the letter since June. We carry our memories in too many ways.

House is starting to walk past her.

Her mouth tightens, twists, but he barely glances back at her. There's no sense of acknowledgment and her shoulders relax, lowering as she passes him.


Or not, she thinks.

She stops, turning slightly. She waits for that obnoxious, almost imposing drawl of her name. But he's just standing there, studying her, as if he were waiting for her to push back. She blinks, confused, and shrugs, all the same, as if to say that she doesn't know anything at all.

"Hello," she murmurs.

His mouth curls slightly, his amusement more than obvious. He steps forward again, but she ignores him, still aware of him following her to the soda machine.

"So I met a guy at the bar."

He's teasing her. It's like a joke. She's not exactly sure how she's supposed to respond. Last night, it was the same thing - she's almost beginning to think of these moments as funny, crazy or not, and the way they still seem to walk into each other like this. She doesn't mean to, but it still seems to churn in its own direction. The case, months ago, was nothing more than incidental, and the little minutes that spun out where merely to subdue boredom, all on his end.

She doesn't want to talk what's happened recently, preferring to reengage herself with what she knows and what has stayed faithful to her. Familiarity is comfort at its best.


But she can't help but be concerned, the sharpness in his voice making her stop and tense, underwriting any sense of quiet that she had been hoping to get before she heads home. He leans against the wall, watching her, and all she can think about is the locker room and how it's only a few turns in the other direction.

"A guy," he drawls, "at the bar."

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