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[round two] Go Baby Go by bell and beeinmybonnet

Title: Go Baby Go
Authors: [ profile] beeinmybonnet and [personal profile] bell
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Length: 25 700 words
Spoilers: Takes place mid-season 3.
Summary: House finds out about the woman in Wilson's life.

"What do you think you're doing here?" Wilson hissed. House was close enough to see Wilson's natural flush beneath the foundation which was, damn it, well applied, just like the rest of the make-up. How long had Wilson been at this cross-dressing farce? Months, at least. Maybe years. And never once telling his supposed best friend about it.

"Finding out more about your secret double life," House said, his voice cold. Wilson's flush reddened as he stared intently down at the floor. House crossed his arms even tighter, his anger twisting inside him. "What's up with that? Watched too many noir films, wanted to play the femme fatale?" Wilson covered his face with both hands. Coward. "You look the part."

"It's not about that," Wilson choked out, his head further tucking into his chest, hands still over his face.

"Oh, no?" House sneered. "It's got nothing to do with the pearls or the girly get-me-fucked perfume?"

Wilson finally came out of hiding, his hands clenching into fists and lowering down to around his chest. "It's not a get-me-fucked perfume," he snapped. He hadn't argued the 'girly' part. Then that much was undeniably true.

House leaned forward and breathed in deep through his nose; it smelled like a get-me-fucked scent. He studied the way Wilson's clothes fit him, how they curved and flared in all the right places. Wilson looked great, unfortunately. He could give fashion designers a run for their money, with that sense of style. "Does it get you all hot and bothered? Feed some long-repressed desire?"

Perfume lingering on Wilson's clothes. Traces of lipstick on his wrist. Women's clothing hidden in his closet, and an unfamiliar female name on his cell phone call log. House knows all these symptoms add up to one diagnosis--Wilson has a new girlfriend. Or does he? Wilson's occasional foray into crossdressing first turns into a point of confrontation with House. Then it turns into a bet. And then it turns into something more...

An innovative premise, sharp snappy narrative and a flair for the romantic combine in this story of love, friendship, and the power of flirtation across a crowded room. Wilson and House both have some definite issues, and some clear motivations behind the surface-level hijinx and banter. This exploration into jealousy, unrealized emotion, and Wilson's feminine side is a good read for anyone who thinks that gender is clearly no boundary to House and Wilson's true feelings for each other.

by [ profile] chemina42
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by [ profile] kirili
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