Mar. 21st, 2009

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Hi, participants.

The archive is nearly as finished as it's going to be--with the exception of the art and the stories themselves, of course.

That means that it's time to kick the tires. Head on over to the House Big Bang Archive and start clicking around. Is all the header information correct on your story or art page? Do all the links go to the right places from the index pages? Your mods are mere mortals and have probably managed to make a mistake somehow. Please let us know in a comment or in an email to

With that in mind, please note:

- SOME PAGES ARE NOT YET COMPLETE. We are still waiting on links for some participants' feedback posts, for instance.

- NOT ALL MISTAKES CAN OR WILL BE FIXED. We hope to make everything as accurate as possible on time for the reveal, but problems may still sneak through. Also, some problems may be out of our hands at this point.

- PLEASE DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS. Make a list of all issues and send them together.

Thanks for your help in making the reveal as good as possible.


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