Aug. 12th, 2009

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Title: Bounty Hunter Bedlam
Author: [ profile] hwshipper
Crossover Fandom: Stephanie Plum
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Length: 27 000 words
Spoilers: Through 5.11 'Joy To The World' for House; through Fearless Fourteen for Stephanie Plum.
Summary: How much havoc can a crippled Princeton doctor wreak for a disaster-prone Trenton bounty hunter? Stephanie Plum meets House and Wilson in a crime caper with absconding brothers, monster trucks, and a man with sinister eyebrows.
Excerpt )

For the Big Bang Challenge, [ profile] hwshipper specializes in crossovers that bring House and Wilson together with sleuths and detectives, and Bounty Hunter Bedlam is another successful venture into the genre. Fast-paced and with a great voice, Bounty Hunter Bedlam easily places the reader in the point of view of Stephanie Plum, a bail bondsman tracking down Wilson's brother. But one mystery leads to another, and soon Plum and her gang of associates--each one clearly drawn--are pulled in to help Wilson's brother, and, in the end, to help Wilson reveal one more important truth to his family. Along the way, there are monster trucks, road trips, and danger for all. [ profile] hwshipper writes with wit and humour to flesh out an outsider's view of House and Wilson, and this story will satisfy readers of her long-running AU as well as newcomers.

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First Artist: [ profile] diysheep

Cover art.

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Second Artist: [ profile] wihluta

Cover for Bounty Hunter Bedlam.

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Third Artist: [ profile] kiuneriar

House and Wilson in a half hug, sharing a moment.

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