Aug. 21st, 2009

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Title: Eucatastrophe
Author: [ profile] euclase
Pairing: Gen: House, Wilson, Thirteen, Cuddy.
Rating: PG-13
Length: 50,400 words
Spoilers: Through season four; some AU for season five.
Summary: Dr. House believes there is something unusual living in Lake Carnegie. Strange events unfold as he attempts to prove his theory.
Excerpt )

It starts out as one of House's usual pranks. Goldfish crackers all over Wilson's desk inevitably lead to House "borrowing" a groundskeeper's boat to go fishing in Lake Carnegie. But when House catches a salmon and finds a silver ring inside the fish, things start to get truly strange. He can't get the ring off his finger, and Wilson is acting most unlike his usual self. A string of events straight out of folktale and myth ultimately take the two to a mysterious world of legend, where they encounter any number of individuals that seem oddly familiar....

This story focuses strongly on the friendship and ties between House and Wilson. The dialogue has all the banter and wit characteristic of the show, and the plot makes good use of the supporting cast. The light-hearted pranks in the opening scenes quickly shift into a compelling mix of fantasy and adventure as House and Wilson are drawn into a deeply symbolic quest where their own lives may very well hang in the balance.

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An imaginary book cover.

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Second Artist: [ profile] chemina42

House tries to drown out the noise.

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