Aug. 25th, 2009

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Title: and all our little agonies
Author: [ profile] rosenskimmer
Pairing: Gen: House, team, Wilson, Cuddy.
Rating: PG
Length: 24 900 words
Spoilers: Through season 3.
Summary: When two new, unwanted patients throw his world into disarray, House questions his own medical ability. As the ketamine treatment for his thigh fails, House's friends begin to desert him.
Excerpt )

And All Our Little Agonies by [ profile] rosenskimmer is a rather melancholy story that takes place in season three of House, with a large AU twist to it. After the ketamine treatment, House is confronted with two medical cases that shun him out of his comfort zone, both equally as baffling as each other. While struggling to piece the puzzles of the cases together, the ketamine treatment begins failing and his pain slowly but surely returns, and when the people closest to him start deserting him he finds unexpected comfort in one of his patients. With well-rounded focus on all the characters and some sharp, witty dialogue, And All Our Little Agonies is an enjoyable read, especially for those who are interested in seeing an AU take on season three.

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First Artist: [ profile] chickloveslotr

As House wept, he wondered if such miracles could exist in a world full of pain. -excerpt from the story "And All Our Little Agonies"

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Second Artist: [ profile] hllangel

Cover art for And All Our Little Agonies.

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