Aug. 26th, 2009

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Title: The Other Conversation
Author: [ profile] imissimissyou
Pairing: House/Cameron
Rating: PG
Length: 21 000 words.
Spoilers: Through Human Error.
Summary: He understands her mute conversations with everyone. She is on the edge of a cliff.
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With The Other Conversation [ profile] imissimissyou crafts a story surrounding the struggles between sound and silence, pain and comfort, the past and an uncertain future. The story features Cameron’s personal journey through these conflicts, planting her amongst an array of original and familiar characters. [ profile] imissimissyou creates a detailed backstory and narrative through memories, flashbacks, and House’s incessant but unsurprising curiosity and need to solve a puzzle. The unique structure slowly unveils the events of Cameron’s life and illuminates her attempts to find meaning in her pain, to free herself from her past, and to find the courage to rebuild her life. The Other Conversation sees Cameron learning to cope and communicate in unexpected ways as she travels, with House’s help and the support of the people around her, on a rough and winding road to recovery.

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First Artist: [ profile] shutterbug_12

House and Cameron share a swing and hope for a new beginning.

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Second Artist: [ profile] mem_vermelha

Cover art

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