Sep. 2nd, 2009

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Title: Stay Away From the Glass: Tales of Petty Crime and Self-Punishment
Author: [ profile] sodiumbisulfite
Crossover Fandoms: Arrested Development, Batman.
Pairing: House/Wilson, House/Gob Bluth, House/Bruce Wayne, Wilson/Joker
Rating: NC-17
Length: 21 700 words
Spoilers: No specific timeline for any. Batman is a mix of comic!verse & Nolan!verse.
Summary: It's a crazy world out there, and unfortunately Wilson's about to get shoved right into the middle of it.
Excerpt )

Wilson is jealous of House's new boyfriend. The story starts out as simple as that, but after Wilson gets transfered to Gotham City, he meets the infamous Joker. And after that, things start to spin wildly out of control. In Stay Away From The Glass, [ profile] sodiumbisulfite crafts a dark, surreal story about jealousy and revenge. In this story, she takes on four completely different fandoms and weaves together characters from each of them to form a coherent whole. All her characters are deeply, humanly flawed, and the Joker is especially a terrifying, unknowable menace. This is not a story for the faint of heart, but those who are willing to take the chance will be greatly rewarded.

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First Artist: [ profile] anna_bm

When I read the fic, I instinctively felt that I wanted to make a minimalistic sort of cover-art, with blood and/or a gun, inspired by old-school film posters.

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Second Artist: [ profile] thedeadparrot

Cover art in two different styles.

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