Sep. 3rd, 2009

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Title: your rosary beads under the bed
Author: [ profile] fated_addiction
Pairing: House/Cameron, Chase/Cameron
Rating: PG
Length: 22 935 words
Spoilers: General spoilers for season five.
Summary: The truth is she's had the letter since June. We carry our memories in too many ways.
Excerpt )

Cameron and her brother Jaimie don't really talk. They exchange notes, letters, emails and photos, but they don't talk. At least not about anything of any real importance. But when Jaimie, who joined the army years ago much to their parents' consternation, comes to visit Cameron, all the the unnamed, unspoken tensions between brother and sister start to reveal the cracks and unsaid small faults in Cameron's relationship with Chase. The strain of so many small silences takes its toll on her, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn towards House.

[ profile] fated_addiction's rich, dense prose creates a moody and atmospheric story. A wealth of everyday detail adds up to an inevitable, oppressive air where the simple act of washing one's hands takes on great significance. This is a great read for anyone inclined towards hints of House/Cameron and introspective character studies.

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First Artist: [ profile] isaytoodlepip

Cameron and the men in her life.

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Second Artist: [ profile] aquatic_fishy

Cameron's dusty photo of a childhood summer with her brother.

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Third Artist: [ profile] mem_vermelha

Art for 'all my rosary beads'

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