Sep. 4th, 2009

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Title: Deaductive Reasoning
Author: [ profile] srsly_yes
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: R
Length: 25,500 words
Spoilers: AU. Departs from canon after the beginning of S5
Summary: A serial killer stalks the halls of PPTH, and patients are being murdered. House investigates. By the way, Wilson is a vampire and House is his partner and unlikely minion.
Excerpt )

Close your eyes and imagine Dr. Gregory House as Dracula's Renfield. No really. Do it. Good. Now imagine that instead of eating bugs, House solves medical mysteries involving invisibility, vampirism, and Gypsy curses--all while complaining bitterly, of course. Has Wilson gone bad, murdering his cancer patients and drinking their blood, or is it all a set up? If it is a set up, then who's pulling the strings? And what are the perils of sending a private eye after an invisible vampire, anyway? Part of [ profile] srsly_yes's Blood Brothers 'verse, Deaductive Reasoning is a standalone adventure that blends improbability with classic genre tropes for an entertaining romp with a high body count.

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First Artist: [ profile] alexwhitewell

This is a cover art of Srsly_yes' fic, "Deductive Reasoning" It features a sick vampireWilson and a worried/distressedHouse.

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Second Artist: [ profile] brynnamorgan

Zehava and a very unhappy Wilson watch while House scribbles a differential diagnosis - on the cabinets that Wilson had just remodeled!

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Third Artist: [ profile] ollee

Vector artwork for story "Deaductive Reasoning" by srsly_yes

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