Oct. 1st, 2009

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Welcome, potential participants! The Official Round Three Big Bang Timeline is as follows:

October 1 - October 15: Writers' sign-up period; artist sign-ups begin.
October 15: Writing begins.
December 15: Halfway point.
February 15: Complete draft of stories are due; artist sign-ups end.
February 15 - February 25: Artists choose stories.
February 25 - March 25: Artists create art.
March 15: Final drafts [edited, betaed, word-perfect] are due.
March 25: Artists' submissions are due.
April 1: Archive opens.


1. October 15 through February 15 is approximately 120 days. To write 20 000 words in 120 days, you will be writing about 5000 words a month, or 1250 words a week, or just under 170 words a day. Following this, there will be another month (February 15 - March 15) in which you can have your story thoroughly betaed.

2. The complete draft must be a finished story and it must meet the 20 000 word minimum. The final draft has been betaed, spell-checked, looked over for typos and is the draft that will appear on the archive.

3. We hope that writers and artists will have an opportunity to view their stories before the archive opens, to check for typos or HTML issues. This MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE, but the mods will not be correcting any typos in the final drafts, so we will ATTEMPT TO OFFER THIS OPPORTUNITY.

4. This year, artists will receive complete drafts, rather than final drafts. Therefore, artists may potentially create art for scenes which are later cut or altered in the final draft. Writers and artists should be aware that this is a possibility.

5. All questions and/or concerns will be gratefully received either as comments to this entry or as email to housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

Writers' sign-ups are here. Artists' and vidders' sign-ups will open in a few days.
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Welcome to the House Big Bang Challenge: Round Three. This year, we would like to welcome [livejournal.com profile] usomitai to the mod team. Hopefully this will mean ever more efficiency and awesomeness from your diligent mods!

This is the sign-up post for writers. Artists' and vidders' sign-ups will open in a few days.

Challenge Rules for Writers
1. Stories must have a minimum length of 20 000 words. There is no maximum length.
2. Stories may be any genre: gen, poly, het, boyslash, or girlslash.
3. The story's central element must relate to House, MD, and its characters. Crossovers and alternate universes are permitted.
4. Stories will be posted to a central site after the challenge goes live, with links to the summaries in this community for feedback, but afterwards may be posted to your personal journal or site.
5. The stories MAY NOT be posted, in whole or in part, prior to APRIL 7, 2010. You may, of course, share with betas, but please keep your story under wraps as much as possible, so that the artists/vidders can make their choices anonymously when the time comes.
6. All stories must be betaed before the final draft is submitted.

Important Deadlines for Writers
1. Sign-ups for writers close at 7 PM, EST, October 15, 2009.

2. You must submit a complete draft by February 15, 2010. It must meet the wordcount minimum of 20 000 words and it must have an ending. This is important so that we know you will be finished, and your work can be given to the artists and/or vidders. Your final draft is due March 15, 2010.

4. February 16 through February 25, summaries of the fics will be posted as an anonymous list of prompts for artists/vidders to claim.

5. March 15, writers' final drafts are due.

5. The challenge site goes live on APRIL 1, 2010.


Copy the coding from the box below, and paste it into a comment. Then fill it out.

For example, your sign-up might look like:

LJ username: [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu
Author name: Zulu
Email where we can reach you: zulu.fic@gmail.com
General outline of what you might write (this is NOT binding, but give us an idea): Something in the Percussion-verse, House/Foreman, medical plot and personal drama.
Gen, het, boyslash or girlslash? Boyslash, maybe some secondary het pairings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Last year, some people signed up with email addresses that DID NOT REACH THEM, and as a result, they missed crucial information. We WILL be contacting participants by email, so please double-check the address you sign up with. FURTHERMORE, please friend or watch the community in order to see important announcements. If you do not respond to the emails or follow the community announcements, no special effort will be made to contact you individually.

In case you'd love to participate but don't have any ideas, there will be a prompt post available in a few days' time.

What Your Wordcount Will Look Like:

October 15-February 15 is approximately 120 days. To write 20 000 words in 120 days, you will be writing about 5000 words a month, or 1250 words a week, or just under 170 words a day. Following this, there will be another month in which you can have your story thoroughly betaed.

The complete Round Three Official Timeline is here.

We know some people will sign up and not be able to meet the deadline, or not be able to write 20 000 words. That's okay! If you finish something later or shorter, there'll still be great fic to read. If you don't make the complete draft deadline, the only thing that happens is you can't participate in the art/vid portion of Big Bang and you won't be part of the Official Big Bang master list and website posting or be able to post to this comm. If at any point you decide you will no longer be able to participate, please contact the mods and let them know.

Sign up! Take a chance. You never know what you can accomplish if you try.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, etc., please direct them to housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for participating!

Your mods,

[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu, [livejournal.com profile] thedeadparrot, and [livejournal.com profile] usomitai.

ETA: Sign-ups for Round Three are now closed. Good luck, participants!


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