Oct. 4th, 2009

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Ever wish that there was a story out there, somewhere, that just happened to hit every fic kink you ever had?

The one where House and Wilson only missed hooking up by the nearest of margins all those years ago at that conference, and throughout the next fifteen or however many years they keep just missing, and then they think that they must both be past it and it'll never happen and it probably wouldn't have worked anyway--but then it does?

The one where Amber didn't die in the bus crash but she was horribly wounded, and Wilson vows to take care of her for the rest of her life, but all House can see is that Amber is even more an impediment and a buzzkill as a vegetable than she ever was as Wilson's girlfriend--until the day he sits down and has a genuine conversation with her and learns why she's really hanging around?

The one where Thirteen never gets with Foreman because instead she settles down with a woman who is strong, funny, generous, and doesn't put a lot of bullshit between herself and Thirteen over her job--and that woman is Cameron?

The one where Amber and Thirteen totally spend a night of passion together and it was both awesome and hot, but then not only do they have House leering over them but the whole department getting up in their business, and they can deal with all of that because despite the fact that they hate each other, they kinda like each other too--until the day they find out about Thirteen's Huntington's, and Amber realizes she can't deal?

The one where House owns a secondhand bookshop and collects first editions (which he hates for anyone to actually buy), and Foreman is the IRS guy who comes by to take a long, lingering, suspicious look at his books (no, not the first editions), and it all seems like it'll only ever go badly until Wilson (the barista) and Cuddy (the antiques dealer) conspire to make the two of them see that there's something more going on?

The one where House is a kindergarten teacher? ...no, no, wait, come back, somebody's going to write this, right? I MEAN COME ON.

If you're not a writer, or if 20 000 words is very intimidating, or you'd like to pitch a few ideas in the pot, then this is the post for you! Give of your plotbunnies, and the Big Bang participants will thank you.


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