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[round two] Artist: hllangel

Title: Untitled
Subject: Cover Art
Pairing/Rating: Gen, G.
Medium: Photoshop
Artist: [ profile] hllangel

Title: and all our little agonies
Author: [profile] rosenskimmer
Pairing: Gen: House, team, Wilson, Cuddy.
Rating: PG
Length: 24 900 words
Spoilers: Through season 3.
Summary: When two new, unwanted patients throw his world into disarray, House questions his own medical ability. As the ketamine treatment for his thigh fails, House's friends begin to desert him.

House had forgotten how easy it was to get used to pain, to act as if something was normal, even if it wasn't. He'd woken up over an hour ago, pain clawing at his thigh like any other day. But the vicodin bottle which stood sentinel on his desk, a bastion against all his agonies, big and small, had nothing but air underneath its plastic helmet.

He had to stare at the bottle, had to remember what it could do for him. Because, although his vicodin was missing in action, he knew exactly where a squadron of relief could be found. The little bottles of liquid underneath his bed, tucked in next to a small pile of syringes and a line of surgical tubing; the little army was calling to him, a siren song of pleasure and freedom.

If the vicodin sought to protect House, to bolster his confidence by freeing him of pain, the morphine obliterated it. But it obliterated everything, and he needed his wits today, couldn't stay abed dreaming in Technicolor while his morphine regiment sang him to sleep.

So, he got up.

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Title: Untitled
Subject: Cover Art
Pairing/Rating: Gen, G.
Medium: Photoshop.
Artist: [ profile] hllangel

Title: World of Weeping
Author: [ profile] mer_duff
Crossover Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: James Wilson, Gregory House, Captain Jack Harkness, but with allusions to Wilson/Jack, Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG
Length: 25 700 words
Spoilers: Set during House Season 5 -- after "Birthmarks" but before "Last Resort." Set after Series 2 of Torchwood.
Summary: House is consulted by a secret organization led by a mysterious man who seems to know Wilson just a little bit too well for House's comfort.

House had never been very good at following orders. He was exhausted and aching, but while he couldn't keep up with Harkness, he wasn't far behind when he heard an unearthly wail coming from the direction of the patient's room. It called to mind stories of spirits moaning the names of the soon to die, and he picked up his pace.

Ahead, he saw Harkness pull out a gun, but before he reached the room, a figure slipped out and glided down the corridor. House was too far away to get a clear look, but he was certain of one thing. It wasn't Wilson.

Harkness kept running after the figure, but House knew he wouldn't be able to catch up, and he didn't care. The patient -- and Wilson -- were his only concerns. The monitors emitted a different kind of wail altogether when he reached the room, though it too was a death portent. A code team crowded into the room behind him, but House knew it was too late. He turned his attention to the living.

Wilson was pressed against the wall, his dark eyes huge in a shockingly pale face. House made his way to Wilson's side, looking him over for any sign of injury. "Are you hurt?"

Wilson recoiled slightly, but he shook his head and his breathing calmed. He straightened up. He was still pale, his skin almost translucent in the harsh hospital lights, but House didn't think he was going to have to call for a sedative.

"She's dead," Wilson said, looking at the bed. The code team was still working, but she was asystolic and there had been no response to the chest compressions and vasopressin.

"Let's get out of their way." House led Wilson out of the room. There was nothing they could do until time of death was called. House hoped the ever-resourceful Jones had booked a post-mortem room for him.

Harkness ran towards them, his greatcoat billowing behind him like some B-movie action hero. "Are you all right?" he asked Wilson. He relaxed slightly at Wilson's clipped nod. "I lost it at the stairwell," he said. "I got a good look, though, so that should help with the search. Ianto's already trying to track it through the CCTV network."

"It?" House asked. Maybe Harkness really didn't discriminate between gender.

"Technically a female," Harkness replied. "But it wasn't human."

To pimp this art (on your AO3 story or elsewhere), copy and paste this code:

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