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[round two] Deaductive Reasoning, by srsly_yes

Title: Deaductive Reasoning
Author: [ profile] srsly_yes
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: R
Length: 25,500 words
Spoilers: AU. Departs from canon after the beginning of S5
Summary: A serial killer stalks the halls of PPTH, and patients are being murdered. House investigates. By the way, Wilson is a vampire and House is his partner and unlikely minion.

The hammering on the door went on forever. Wilson called down to hotel management advising them that a lunatic was banging on his door, but they ignored him.

Damn the connection. Just as he could tap into House's energy to locate him, House could do the same, but on a lesser scale.

Surrendering, he unlocked the door and gestured for House to come in.

Taking command of the conversation…House didn't miss a beat…"You're locking yourself in your office all day and never coming home at night. We have to talk. Do you want to start or should I?"

Wilson clicked on the TV and slumped into a chair, ignoring him.

House began to pace. "Fine. I'll begin. You've been behaving strangely – not that anyone but me would notice. I mean, you successfully hid the fact that you're a vampire from everyone for over fifteen years."

Wilson turned, raising one quizzical eyebrow at House.

"And I'm the most happy fella' to be your partner and minion. After all, you have to be superhuman to put up with me. I live to disobey."

Wilson looked back at the set.

"But, dude, you are outdoing yourself in the odd behavior department.

"Have nothing to say? What if I tell you I know that you're in touch with Zehava, your patients are dying left and right, and you look like crap?"

That got a rise. Wilson was the picture child of misery. "This is none of your business."

"The hell it isn't. There's a spike in deaths for you and other doctors. I'm concerned the same will happen to me. At fifty patients a year, Cuddy wouldn't be tolerant about letting me hang out with Coma Guy if I lost more than two or three."

Now he had Wilson's attention, "No. It can't be."

Throwing the papers Lucas had given him onto the table for Wilson to see, House waited for a reaction.

He expected to see a wide-eyed look of surprise. Instead the universe ripped open and out spilled its guts.

Wilson dragged his hand over his eyes. "House, I'm out of control. I've become a murderer."

Close your eyes and imagine Dr. Gregory House as Dracula's Renfield. No really. Do it. Good. Now imagine that instead of eating bugs, House solves medical mysteries involving invisibility, vampirism, and Gypsy curses--all while complaining bitterly, of course. Has Wilson gone bad, murdering his cancer patients and drinking their blood, or is it all a set up? If it is a set up, then who's pulling the strings? And what are the perils of sending a private eye after an invisible vampire, anyway? Part of [ profile] srsly_yes's Blood Brothers 'verse, Deaductive Reasoning is a standalone adventure that blends improbability with classic genre tropes for an entertaining romp with a high body count.

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