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[round two] Air Conditioner, by Alanwolfmoon

Title: Air Conditioner
Author: [ profile] alanwolfmoon
Pairing: House/Foreman
Rating: PG-13
Length: 39,477 words
Spoilers: Begins about a month after the end of s4, and takes a different path, ignoring s5.
Summary: After Head&Heart, House is physically damaged. A previously existing coworker-with-benefits relationship with Foreman is the only connection he has to rely on afterwards.

House was sprawled out on the couch, wearing only a pair of boxers, a fan blowing over his sweaty chest.

Foreman had seen his scar before, so it wasn't a big deal, and he personally had no objections to seeing House mostly naked. Or completely naked, if it came to that.

"Dude. Brain-damaged cripple dying of heat exhaustion here. What took you so long?"

"Nothing, I just wanted you to suffer."

House snorted.

He really did look miserable though.

"Where is it?"

House jerked his thumb towards the closet.

The first real heat wave of the summer, and House needed help with his air conditioner.

Foreman grunted, lifting it.

"Damn, how old is this thing?"

"Like ten years. Still works though."

Foreman grunted again, setting it down and opening the window House had indicated.

It slammed shut as soon as he let go.

He sighed, looking at House, who shrugged.

"The rope holding the weight rotted. I've been meaning to fish it out with a magnet, but you have to take the whole window apart to do that."

Foreman shook his head, looking around.

He couldn't see anything the right height to prop the sash open.

"Gimme a hand with the window?" he asked, uncertain.

House considered for a moment, then slowly started working his way to his feet, grabbing one of the elbow crutches resting beside on the floor beside the couch, and staggering his way over to the younger doctor.

How does a relationship progress from 'coworkers with benefits' to something approaching real love? House and Foreman have been together for a few months, but for two men who are scared out of their wits by commitment, it takes more than that to admit that what they feel might be something more. [ profile] alanwolfmoon takes the time to outline all the obstacles that stand between House and Foreman and actually saying the words. House's injuries after the bus crash are more substantial, and he needs reassurance that Foreman doesn't pity him. Foreman is no more certain that he can work up the courage to tell House that he's ready to take the next step. [ profile] alanwolfmoon's Air Conditioner is all the more wonderful for its rarity. It's a long, character-driven, romantic story--with the romance, of course, taking a necessary backseat to arguments, fights, and frustration. Light and quick-paced, Air Conditioner shows House and Foreman at their stubborn and infuriating best.

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