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[round two] The Other Conversation, by imissimissyou

Title: The Other Conversation
Author: [ profile] imissimissyou
Pairing: House/Cameron
Rating: PG
Length: 21 000 words.
Spoilers: Through Human Error.
Summary: He understands her mute conversations with everyone. She is on the edge of a cliff.

Sound was everywhere. Plates crashing into each other, people talking over tables filled with food, the line reaching well outside the door filled with talking people, the hollow and mechanical beeping of the cashier. Everything had been so quiet before this, she had forgotten how loud sound could be, how close it could get to you, how it almost became you.

"What did the doctors say?" Dana asked him as a worried frown creased her eyebrows as she glanced over at her, curled up in the wheelchair, looking more and more scared as she constantly searched the cafeteria they were sitting in. He sighed patiently, having explained this several times already.

"They will call us when the results come back, and then we're going to go up to Ally's room and meet the doctors there," he smiled a sweet smile at his wife, carefully stroking her hair out of her forehead and then kissing her quickly on the lips before returning to his food.

"Did you call Mrs. Andersen about picking Less, you know she forgets."

It could not have been that long ago she too sat in this cafeteria, with her own lab coat on, or scrubs, proudly calling herself a doctor. She couldn't understand why they had brought her here, out of all places, could they not understand the humiliation of meeting them now? If they noticed her they would strike up a conversation with her, and then Dana and him would have to explain everything, and it would get awkward.

Outside, the last leaves had left the trees, leaving them naked as they tried to reach the grey sky with their naked branches. She tilted her head and squinted her eyes to look at the trees more closely, but they were just as scary as before. There was no beauty in the dead.

With The Other Conversation [ profile] imissimissyou crafts a story surrounding the struggles between sound and silence, pain and comfort, the past and an uncertain future. The story features Cameron’s personal journey through these conflicts, planting her amongst an array of original and familiar characters. [ profile] imissimissyou creates a detailed backstory and narrative through memories, flashbacks, and House’s incessant but unsurprising curiosity and need to solve a puzzle. The unique structure slowly unveils the events of Cameron’s life and illuminates her attempts to find meaning in her pain, to free herself from her past, and to find the courage to rebuild her life. The Other Conversation sees Cameron learning to cope and communicate in unexpected ways as she travels, with House’s help and the support of the people around her, on a rough and winding road to recovery.

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