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[admin] Reminder Post

Hi, participants!

Today, of course, is the deadline for artists' submissions. Artists, you have until 11:59 PM, Mountain Standard Time, or until the mods go to bed, whichever is later. Good luck in those last twelve hours!

Congratulations once again to our artists who have already completed the challenge:

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All Participants

It is Creating Feedback Posts time! Please read this post for details, and comment with a link to your story and/or artwork.

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I'm sorry I'm retarded, but...

What if we have NO IDEA what original notes/ratings/summary we used on stuff? Like... I can't even remember what I titled my art, for example. So for making a feedback post, can we just make a blank post or a generic "art for Story Z" post, and when we get the actual link to the preview, we can correct whatever's missing with whatever information we gave you in the first place?

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I have a quick question: I'm confused about when we're supposed to make our feedback posts public. Is on on the 25th or is it when you give us the link to our stories/art? Thanks for your help. :)