Mar. 15th, 2009

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Hi, participants!

I hope everyone is as excited out there as we are here that the challenge is coming to its conclusion.

The archive is coming along wonderfully. All the stories have been uploaded, and the mods are currently working on uploading the artists' submissions as well. The next and last step we need to accomplish to make sure the site is ready is for each participant to make themselves a Feedback Post, as detailed in the FAQ, here.

The important details are these:

1. We will ask each participant to make themselves a Feedback Post in THEIR OWN LIVEJOURNAL, and give us a link.

2. The archive will go live on MARCH 25. All stories and art will have a preview with a link to send email to the author or artist. They will also be linked to the author's or artist's Feedback Post.

3. Once the archive is live, the author or artist can also link directly to their story or artwork on the archive from their Feedback Post. The archived story/artwork will link to the creator's Feedback Post, and the creator's Feedback Post will link to the archived story/artwork. The readers and viewers on the archive will have the choice of commenting at the creator's Feedback Post, or by email.


1. Update your journal with the subject line "House Big Bang Challenge Round Two: Story Title and/or Art Title". You can add pairing and rating to the title if you'd like.

2. Cut and paste the following headers into your post. These headers are not mandatory. You can write your own headers as you see fit, but these are the same headers that you submitted along with your story and/or art, so they are the simplest.

3. Post-date your post (that is, edit the date) to March 25, 2009. The exact time of day is not important. Your update window should look like this:

4. Set the security of your post to PRIVATE. This is so as not to spam your flist before the archive is live.

5. Comment to this post with the link to your Feedback Post. Please title your comment "Link to [Your Story/Artwork]". The link will then be included on your story and/or artwork on the archive.

6. A mod will reply to your comment here with a link to your story and/or artwork preview, and you can then edit your Feedback Post to include the link. On the day your story and/or artwork is revealed, you can set the security to PUBLIC.

7. On March 25, point your flist to the archive, to your Feedback Post, or to the community; all will have links to the archive.

8. In your Feedback Post, you can include any other information you'd like: your excerpt, your triumph, your flailing, your unending squee over Big Bang.

9. An example Feedback Post is here.


10. If you have more than one art, please make only one feedback post that includes headers for each art.

11. If you cowrote a story, please choose one author only to create the feedback post.

12. If you wrote a story and created art, please make a separate feedback post for story and art, and please be sure to indicate which link is for which.


Comments or questions? Please send them to, as comments to this post are for feedback links only!

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Hi, participants!

Today, of course, is the deadline for artists' submissions. Artists, you have until 11:59 PM, Mountain Standard Time, or until the mods go to bed, whichever is later. Good luck in those last twelve hours!

Congratulations once again to our artists who have already completed the challenge:

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All Participants

It is Creating Feedback Posts time! Please read this post for details, and comment with a link to your story and/or artwork.


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