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Hi, participants, readers, viewers, writers, and artists!

We've had a wonderful week here at [livejournal.com profile] house_bigbang, and that's due in no small part to everyone who's commented on the artwork and stories. Thank you to everyone who's offered feedback to the writers and artists in this round. Of course, everyone can continue to enjoy the stories and artwork, and feedback is always welcome on any of the pieces. However, at this point, if artists and writers would like to repost your contributions to your personal journals or elsewhere, please feel free to do so!

Over the next couple of months, we'll be doing a Spotlight Story post for each of the stories, highlighting it for a few days on the community. Otherwise, it'll be pretty quiet around these parts until we start gearing up in the fall for Round Four.

Thank you to everyone for participating!

Quick Note

Apr. 2nd, 2010 01:04 am
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Hi, everybody. This is our last post for the night--we promise!

All the artposts are live on the community now, and the challenge has been revealed on the AO3.

No one needs an account to comment on the AO3, so we hope everyone will head on over and enjoy any or all of the stories! If you have feedback for the artists, please go right ahead and comment on their artposts.

Artists, if you'd like to receive comment notifications, you can click on the thumbtack icon at the top of your artpost in order to track it [Read the LJ FAQ about tracking posts]. Also, if you haven't yet had a chance to tell your authors your impression of their story, head on over to the AO3 and leave a comment!

Authors, please do thank your artists when you get a chance. They've been working hard for the past month to make something unique for you! One aspect of the big bang that we particularly take pride in is the rare opportunity to get art for a specific story, so we hope you'll applaud their efforts.

As ever, if you find any problems--broken links, borked coding, or other issues--you can always email the mods at housebigbangmods@gmail.com, or just leave a comment on any post by [livejournal.com profile] housebigbangmod. However, be aware that your diligent mods are finished for the evening! We'll deal with any outstanding issues as soon as possible.

Thanks once again, everybody, and for now: happy big bangin'!
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Friends, readers, participants, the day you've all been waiting for has arrived!

You can browse the House Big Bang - Round Three collection on the Archive of Our Own, or you can check out our masterlist. We hope that you'll enjoy the fifteen stories and the artworks, and that you'll congratulate the authors and artists with your warm feedback. Thank you to all our participants, pinch hitters, betas, handholders, cheerleaders, and everyone who was involved. With no further ado, I present:

The Round Three Masterlist. )

Please let the mods know if anything is amiss!
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Hi, participants!

It's no joke--[livejournal.com profile] house_bigbang goes live tomorrow! Your hard-working mods will begin posting the artists' work to the comm at approximately 4 PM EST tomorrow afternoon. This will take a bit of coding and editing work, but we're hoping to get it done within an hour. Then, around 5 PM (and hopefully earlier!), the stories on the Archive Of Our Own will be revealed, and the masterlist for both art and stories will be posted to the comm. Authors, if you have any last-minute edits to make to your stories, tonight is the night!

At this time, I'd especially like to thank our pinch hit artists, who came through at the last minute with some amazing work! Without them, we'd be behind schedule right now, so participants, I hope you'll give them your thanks. The best way to do that--as with all the art and stories--will be to look at what they've created and leave them some glowing feedback.

My heartfelt gratitude to our pinch hitters!

[livejournal.com profile] coffeesuperhero
[livejournal.com profile] bironic
[livejournal.com profile] brynnamorgan
[livejournal.com profile] grelse (twice!)
[livejournal.com profile] tuckp3
[livejournal.com profile] severuslovesme
[livejournal.com profile] usomitai

See you tomorrow for the reveal, everyone!
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Hi, participants!

As mentioned in the last post, we'd love to see the stories from the previous rounds uploaded to the AO3. The two collections from previous years are http://archiveofourown.org/collections/house_bigbang08 and http://archiveofourown.org/collections/house_bigbang09. Writers, if you need a invitation code to the Archive Of Our Own, please let the mods know and we will send you one.

To display thumbnails of your artists' work that link to the artists' feedback posts, simply cut and paste the appropriate code block at the top of your story. If any links are broken or if there are any problems, please let us know and we will edit them, but they have been double-checked, so hopefully they'll work well for you. These code blocks are also excellent for pimping your art in a livejournal post, or really anywhere that takes html!

Code Blocks: Round One )

Code Blocks: Round Two )
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The FAQ for Round Three is substantially different than Round Two, especially concerning writers (see The AO3 Process), though the artists' portion is largely the same. However, dates (of course) and the process of the reveal have changed, and participants might want to take a look at those sections. If you have any further questions or need clarifications after reading this, then you can comment and the post will be edited to include answers. If you have super-duper sekrit questions that modesty forbids you from asking in the community, once again we remain your housebigbangmods@gmail.com, and we can answer them privately--but if the question has already been answered here, we will say, "DID YOU READ THE FAQ POST?" in a very pointed and huffy manner. So read the FAQ first.



Wow, the FAQ is really long. That's a lot of rules! Why you gotta hate? Are you The Man?

We regret to inform you that for the purposes of this challenge, we are, indeed, The Man.

Do I have to read the whole thing?

Only the parts that apply to you.

All Participants )

Writers )

The AO3 Process )

Art )

The Complete Draft )

The Final Draft )

File Format for Story Submission )

What about HTML? )

Format for Artwork Submissions )

Volunteering )

Archiving Stories and Artwork )

Feedback )

Moving the previous years' stories. )

The FAQ )
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Hi, Big Bang Participants!

This post is to let you know that we're undertaking a change this year! We wanted to give everyone as much advance notice as possible, so this is only the first such announcement. A more in-depth post will be coming along in the next few days.

Here at modly headquarters, it's our goal to make the challenge as big a success as possible with as little work as possible. To that end, we're trying something differently this year! We're going to move the story-posting to the Archive Of Our Own (AO3), which is a multi-fandom archive that is set up for challenges such as ours.

Benefits to moving

As repeat participants know, the bandwidth for the challenge's current site tends to be exceeded by all the enthusiasm for the challenge! Comparatively, when the AO3 was bombarded by the Yuletide hordes, it only slowed down a bit. With the move, we anticipate zero downtime after the reveal.

Every writer who submits a Complete Draft will get their own shiny account at the Archive of Our Own if they don't have one yet. You can choose to use it only for this challenge, or you can choose to use it like any other archive: uploading your stories for redundancy's sake, bookmarking others' stories, and participating in other challenges that are hosted there. (Other examples are Yuletide, which moved last year, and smaller ones such as Remix and Purim Gifts, which are most likely moving there later this year.)

Eventually, we hope to have the previous rounds of the challenge brought over to the AO3 as well.

For Writer Participants:

- The Complete Draft Deadline remains unchanged (February 15), and that is the date by which you must send the mods a .doc, .txt, or .rtf version of your story, so that we will be able to send it to your artist(s). The mods will then send you an invitation to the Archive of Our Own, and you will have until February 25 to upload your complete draft. However, after that, there will be no Final Draft Deadline. You can edit your story to your heart's content, for as long as you want, pretty much in perpetuity!

- Your stories can have as many chapters as you like, you can fix your own typos when you spot them, you can tag your stories however you want, you can choose what sort of warnings you want your story to have, et cetera.

- Your stories will be marked as invisible "Mystery Works" until the Reveal Day, April 1 2010.

- Feedback will be through the Archive, which is set up exactly like livejournal, with threaded comments; all comments on your story will be emailed to you.

For Artist Participants:

- The Artists' Portion of the challenge will remain largely unchanged; however, art will be posted directly to [livejournal.com profile] house_bigbang rather than to the current site.

- This means that each artist will have their own feedback post on the comm, which means they will not need to make, and later unlock, their own feedback post (as in previous years).

Questions & Queries

A more comprehensive explanatory post will be made in the next couple of days. However, feel free to email or comment with any questions you have; it will help us to write our FAQ! We will do our best to respond quickly.

Other News

The Artists' Sign-Up Post is here, and we are accepting artist sign-ups until February 15, so come on down if you're interested!

The Complete Draft Deadline for writers is of course approaching: February 15 means that writers have approximately five weeks left!

And just as a reminder, there is no penalty at all to withdrawing from the challenge before February 25. At that point, the Artists' Portion will be underway, and that means that artists will be creating art for stories (therefore expecting those stories' writers to remain in the challenge) and writers will have submitted complete drafts (therefore expecting the artists who signed up for their story to remain in the challenge). Before that date, if for any reason you need to withdraw, all we ask is that you let the mods know at housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

Your enthused mods,

[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu, [livejournal.com profile] thedeadparrot, and [livejournal.com profile] usomitai
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Challenge Rules for Artists and Vidders
1. You agree to create at least one piece of art or a vid to accompany one of the Big Bang stories.
2. Art can be of any type you wish: orginal illustration, cover art, photo manip, vid, etc.
3. Art or Vid can be of any rating you choose, provided that it is not more than one rating higher than your chosen fic. For instance, if the fic you choose is G, gen, you cannot make shippy art or rate higher than PG-13. You can always make G-rated or gen art for a fic with a pairing.
4. You will be able to post your artwork or vid at your livejournal or site one week after the challenge goes live. We will host your art at the Big Bang site.
5. Art and vids may not be posted unlocked anywhere on the web, in whole or in part, before April 7, 2010. Posting to betas or regular small audiencing groups is excepted, but keep the numbers down.

Important Deadlines for Artists
1. You must sign up by February 15, 2010, when writers' complete drafts are due. Yes, that's a long time in the future, but we'd really appreciate sign-ups sooner rather than later; also, we will be advertising this post again before the deadline.

2. On February 16 a list of story titles and summaries will be posted for you to claim as prompts on a first come, first served basis. Once you have claimed a prompt, you will be given the author's name and you will be able to review the story draft for additional inspiration.

3. The due date for completed artwork/vids is March 25, 2010. You must provide us with either a live link to the art or vid, or the art file itself in a photobucket compatible format, as well as a preview and a thumbnail sized image.

4. Your art or vid will be included on the House Big Bang website starting April 1, 2010.


Copy the coding from the box below, and paste it into a comment. Then fill it out.

For example, your sign-up might look like:

LJ username: [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu
Artist/Vidder name: Zulu
Email where we can reach you: zulu.fic@gmail.com
Will you make art or a vid? vid
Can you make your art/vid for gen, slash, het? Any
Can you make art/vids for House and House crossovers? If I know the crossover fandom, then yes.
Is there anything you absolutely won't make art for? Only if there's no source!

We know some people will sign-up and not be able to meet the deadline or not find a prompt they can do. That's okay! Sign up! Take a chance. You never know what you can accomplish if you try!

Thanks so much for participating!

Your mods,

[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu, [livejournal.com profile] thedeadparrot, and [livejournal.com profile] usomitai
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One and all, may I have the honour of presenting the forty-eight writing participants of Round Three?

masterlist )

Participants, you ought to have received an email from housebigbangmods@gmail.com. If you did not, there is a problem with your email address! Please let us know so that we can correct it as soon as possible.

Remember to join our support community, [livejournal.com profile] housebigbangers, for any squee, terror, productivity, procrastination, joy, and flail posts. [livejournal.com profile] housebigbangers is also open to any and all cheerleaders and betas who'd like to be part of the challenge by supporting the writers and artists.

Good luck and happy writing!
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Welcome to the House Big Bang Challenge: Round Three. This year, we would like to welcome [livejournal.com profile] usomitai to the mod team. Hopefully this will mean ever more efficiency and awesomeness from your diligent mods!

This is the sign-up post for writers. Artists' and vidders' sign-ups will open in a few days.

Challenge Rules for Writers
1. Stories must have a minimum length of 20 000 words. There is no maximum length.
2. Stories may be any genre: gen, poly, het, boyslash, or girlslash.
3. The story's central element must relate to House, MD, and its characters. Crossovers and alternate universes are permitted.
4. Stories will be posted to a central site after the challenge goes live, with links to the summaries in this community for feedback, but afterwards may be posted to your personal journal or site.
5. The stories MAY NOT be posted, in whole or in part, prior to APRIL 7, 2010. You may, of course, share with betas, but please keep your story under wraps as much as possible, so that the artists/vidders can make their choices anonymously when the time comes.
6. All stories must be betaed before the final draft is submitted.

Important Deadlines for Writers
1. Sign-ups for writers close at 7 PM, EST, October 15, 2009.

2. You must submit a complete draft by February 15, 2010. It must meet the wordcount minimum of 20 000 words and it must have an ending. This is important so that we know you will be finished, and your work can be given to the artists and/or vidders. Your final draft is due March 15, 2010.

4. February 16 through February 25, summaries of the fics will be posted as an anonymous list of prompts for artists/vidders to claim.

5. March 15, writers' final drafts are due.

5. The challenge site goes live on APRIL 1, 2010.


Copy the coding from the box below, and paste it into a comment. Then fill it out.

For example, your sign-up might look like:

LJ username: [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu
Author name: Zulu
Email where we can reach you: zulu.fic@gmail.com
General outline of what you might write (this is NOT binding, but give us an idea): Something in the Percussion-verse, House/Foreman, medical plot and personal drama.
Gen, het, boyslash or girlslash? Boyslash, maybe some secondary het pairings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Last year, some people signed up with email addresses that DID NOT REACH THEM, and as a result, they missed crucial information. We WILL be contacting participants by email, so please double-check the address you sign up with. FURTHERMORE, please friend or watch the community in order to see important announcements. If you do not respond to the emails or follow the community announcements, no special effort will be made to contact you individually.

In case you'd love to participate but don't have any ideas, there will be a prompt post available in a few days' time.

What Your Wordcount Will Look Like:

October 15-February 15 is approximately 120 days. To write 20 000 words in 120 days, you will be writing about 5000 words a month, or 1250 words a week, or just under 170 words a day. Following this, there will be another month in which you can have your story thoroughly betaed.

The complete Round Three Official Timeline is here.

We know some people will sign up and not be able to meet the deadline, or not be able to write 20 000 words. That's okay! If you finish something later or shorter, there'll still be great fic to read. If you don't make the complete draft deadline, the only thing that happens is you can't participate in the art/vid portion of Big Bang and you won't be part of the Official Big Bang master list and website posting or be able to post to this comm. If at any point you decide you will no longer be able to participate, please contact the mods and let them know.

Sign up! Take a chance. You never know what you can accomplish if you try.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, etc., please direct them to housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for participating!

Your mods,

[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu, [livejournal.com profile] thedeadparrot, and [livejournal.com profile] usomitai.

ETA: Sign-ups for Round Three are now closed. Good luck, participants!
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Welcome, potential participants! The Official Round Three Big Bang Timeline is as follows:

October 1 - October 15: Writers' sign-up period; artist sign-ups begin.
October 15: Writing begins.
December 15: Halfway point.
February 15: Complete draft of stories are due; artist sign-ups end.
February 15 - February 25: Artists choose stories.
February 25 - March 25: Artists create art.
March 15: Final drafts [edited, betaed, word-perfect] are due.
March 25: Artists' submissions are due.
April 1: Archive opens.


1. October 15 through February 15 is approximately 120 days. To write 20 000 words in 120 days, you will be writing about 5000 words a month, or 1250 words a week, or just under 170 words a day. Following this, there will be another month (February 15 - March 15) in which you can have your story thoroughly betaed.

2. The complete draft must be a finished story and it must meet the 20 000 word minimum. The final draft has been betaed, spell-checked, looked over for typos and is the draft that will appear on the archive.

3. We hope that writers and artists will have an opportunity to view their stories before the archive opens, to check for typos or HTML issues. This MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE, but the mods will not be correcting any typos in the final drafts, so we will ATTEMPT TO OFFER THIS OPPORTUNITY.

4. This year, artists will receive complete drafts, rather than final drafts. Therefore, artists may potentially create art for scenes which are later cut or altered in the final draft. Writers and artists should be aware that this is a possibility.

5. All questions and/or concerns will be gratefully received either as comments to this entry or as email to housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

Writers' sign-ups are here. Artists' and vidders' sign-ups will open in a few days.
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Hi, everyone!

An unfortunate note today: we've all been enjoying Big Bang so much that we've managed to use up all of this month's bandwidth. My apologies; I was hoping we could make it until April 1.

As it stands, all stories and art will be automatically available again on April 1; however, that doesn't do much good in the meantime!

Therefore, participants, please feel free to repost your stories and art in your personal journals or in archives as you see fit. The original plan was to wait for one week, but since the challenge won't be available otherwise, and I'd much rather have stories and art available than not!

Again, apologies for the inconvenience, and I hope everyone is enjoying the stories and art so far!

ETA: Also, if you would like, leave links in comments here so that people can find your stories and artwork.
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Hi, participants.

This is an announcement about a change in format. The original plan for Round Two was to attempt a staggered reveal, that is, one story and its art every two days, rather than a simultaneous reveal, with all stories and artwork going live on the same day.

Unfortunately, due to the mods' personal circumstances and need to prioritize offline commitments, it will not be possible to have the staggered reveal. Therefore, all stories and art will be going live on March 25, 2009. (Or, more likely, at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time on March 24.)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change. If you have any concerns or questions, please email housebigbangmods@gmail.com. We hope that all the participants (and the fandom in general) will appreciate having the entire archive to enjoy at once.

Some participants have asked when they should change the setting of their Feedback Post from private to public. Since there will be a simultaneous reveal, the answer is late on March 24 or early on March 25.

If you haven't created a Feedback Post for yourself yet, please go to this post and do so.

Thank you for your understanding.

[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu and [livejournal.com profile] thedeadparrot
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Hi, participants!

Today, of course, is the deadline for artists' submissions. Artists, you have until 11:59 PM, Mountain Standard Time, or until the mods go to bed, whichever is later. Good luck in those last twelve hours!

Congratulations once again to our artists who have already completed the challenge:

[livejournal.com profile] bridgetmc
[livejournal.com profile] hjsnapepm
[livejournal.com profile] kirili
[livejournal.com profile] sadpie
[livejournal.com profile] tli

All Participants

It is Creating Feedback Posts time! Please read this post for details, and comment with a link to your story and/or artwork.
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Hi, participants!

I hope everyone is as excited out there as we are here that the challenge is coming to its conclusion.

The archive is coming along wonderfully. All the stories have been uploaded, and the mods are currently working on uploading the artists' submissions as well. The next and last step we need to accomplish to make sure the site is ready is for each participant to make themselves a Feedback Post, as detailed in the FAQ, here.

The important details are these:

1. We will ask each participant to make themselves a Feedback Post in THEIR OWN LIVEJOURNAL, and give us a link.

2. The archive will go live on MARCH 25. All stories and art will have a preview with a link to send email to the author or artist. They will also be linked to the author's or artist's Feedback Post.

3. Once the archive is live, the author or artist can also link directly to their story or artwork on the archive from their Feedback Post. The archived story/artwork will link to the creator's Feedback Post, and the creator's Feedback Post will link to the archived story/artwork. The readers and viewers on the archive will have the choice of commenting at the creator's Feedback Post, or by email.


1. Update your journal with the subject line "House Big Bang Challenge Round Two: Story Title and/or Art Title". You can add pairing and rating to the title if you'd like.

2. Cut and paste the following headers into your post. These headers are not mandatory. You can write your own headers as you see fit, but these are the same headers that you submitted along with your story and/or art, so they are the simplest.

3. Post-date your post (that is, edit the date) to March 25, 2009. The exact time of day is not important. Your update window should look like this:

4. Set the security of your post to PRIVATE. This is so as not to spam your flist before the archive is live.

5. Comment to this post with the link to your Feedback Post. Please title your comment "Link to [Your Story/Artwork]". The link will then be included on your story and/or artwork on the archive.

6. A mod will reply to your comment here with a link to your story and/or artwork preview, and you can then edit your Feedback Post to include the link. On the day your story and/or artwork is revealed, you can set the security to PUBLIC.

7. On March 25, point your flist to the archive, to your Feedback Post, or to the community; all will have links to the archive.

8. In your Feedback Post, you can include any other information you'd like: your excerpt, your triumph, your flailing, your unending squee over Big Bang.

9. An example Feedback Post is here.


10. If you have more than one art, please make only one feedback post that includes headers for each art.

11. If you cowrote a story, please choose one author only to create the feedback post.

12. If you wrote a story and created art, please make a separate feedback post for story and art, and please be sure to indicate which link is for which.


Comments or questions? Please send them to housebigbangmods@gmail.com, as comments to this post are for feedback links only!

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Hi, participants! Just a couple of updates as we move forward.


The third round of artist picks closes tomorrow. We still have three stories available for artists to claim if they would like.

All artists should have received their assignments, including a link to the submission guidelines, a reminder of the deadline (MARCH 15), and a copy of the writer's story. If you claimed a story but you have not received your assignment, please let the mods know at housebigbangmods@gmail.com or as a comment to this post.

We look forward to receiving your art when it is finished! Good luck, artists!


Writers, your deadline for typo checks is tomorrow. The mods have sent you a link to a plain HTML version of your story. You should reply to the email with either YES THIS IS FINE or a findsearchable list of typos for the mods to fix. If you do not reply by tomorrow, we will assume that there are no errors.

This marks the end of the writers' portion of the challenge! Congratulations, writers!
[identity profile] zulu.livejournal.com

An email has just been sent to all current artist participants to outline the artists' portion of the challenge.

If you received the email, then you are on track and on the list!

If you did not receive the email, please comment to this post to let us know so that we can work out what went wrong. Some emails bounced! The mods require a working email address for all artists.


Our list of writers who have completed the challenge continues to grow! Congratulations are in order.

[livejournal.com profile] anna_bm
[identity profile] zulu.livejournal.com
Hi, participants!


The writers' portion of the challenge is drawing to a close. This is a reminder that all Final Drafts are due on Saturday, February 7, by 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. That gives you four more days with your edits, writers! You are always welcome to hand in your final drafts early if they're finished.

Once you've submitted your final draft, the mods will be creating a very basic html file of your story for you to read over for typos one last time. All typo-approving must be finished by February 15. If you do not contact the mods with any typo problems before that date, we will assume that there are no problems with your final draft, and it will be placed in the archive.

Congratulations to those writers who have already handed in their drafts! Please join me in a round of applause.

[livejournal.com profile] alanwolfmoon
[livejournal.com profile] euclase
[livejournal.com profile] usomitai


The artists' portion of the challenge is about to begin! Artists' sign-ups continue until February 7. The post is here. On February 8, the first round of artist selection begins. A post will be made on the community with the headers and a brief excerpt from each story. Artists will choose their first and second choice stories and comment to claim them. First come, first served! The mods will reply to your comment to let you know which story you've been assigned. Please be flexible if you do not get your first choice. Also, if there is enough interest, a second round of artist selection will occur, so you will have another opportunity to pick your first-choice story.

Once you have been assigned a story, the mods will send you the final draft so that you can read it for inspiration. You will then have a month to create art. The art should be submitted to the mods as outlined in the FAQ.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ, comment here, or email the mods at housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

Good luck, writers! And welcome, artists!
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Congratulations to our participants who completed drafts of over 20 000 words!

You are, in a word, AMAZING.

This year we have SIXTEEN entries, with wordcounts ranging from 20 000 words exactly all the way up to 56 000 words. Pairings include House/Cameron, House/Cuddy, House/Foreman, and House/Wilson (and perhaps more; we'll know for sure when we have complete headers). Gen, crossovers and AUs are represented as well!

Writers, if you did not make the cut-off or dropped out for some other reason, have no fear! There is always next year. We also hope that you'll join [livejournal.com profile] housebigbangers and perhaps find time to offer your services as a beta.

Artists, your portion of the challenge now approaches! We can always use more artists, and the sign-up post is HERE. The more artists, the merrier! Each story will have ONE piece of art guaranteed, but if we have more artists--or artists willing to take on more than one project--then we will have several rounds of artist picks. If you sign up as an artist, please ensure that you friend or watch the community in order to see reminders and announcements!

More announcements will be made as the due date for final drafts approaches. In the meantime, writers, good luck with your edits! Have an excellent month.
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Hi, writing participants!

As you are all undoubtedly aware, today's the deadline for Complete Drafts, aka drafts that meet the wordcount minimum and that have an ending.

We will be accepting complete drafts at housebigbangmods@gmail.com until MIDNIGHT, MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME, or until we go to sleep, whichever is later.

This post will be updated when the deadline has passed.

Have an excellent next ten hours, and good luck, big bangers!

THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Complete draft submissions are now closed.


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