Aug. 31st, 2009

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Title: Adagio
Author: [ profile] kimbari
Pairing: House/Cuddy, Cuddy/OC
Rating: NC-17
Length: 30 000 words
Spoilers: Through 5.06, "Joy".
Summary: Lisa Cuddy thought her dream of having a baby was finished. She thought her dream of a strong, loving partner would never come true. She was wrong on both counts, as well as in her assessment that Gregory House would have nothing to do with either of them.
Excerpt )

[ profile] kimbari's Adagio is one-of-a-kind story with witty dialogue and rich prose. It explores Cuddy's relationship not only with House, but also with an original male character - a dancer for the New York City Ballet. Brought together by a chance encounter and a broken cell phone, Julian - the young, handsome dancer - falls head-over-heels for Cuddy. Convinced she'll have to settle for a lonely, childless life, Cuddy is difficult to win over at first - but Julian is up to the challenge, and just might be able to give Cuddy everything she desires… if House doesn't mess it up first. A writing style beloved by fanfic writers, Adagio is an incredibly unique, heartwarming story about love and loss, fate, and second chances.

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First Artist: [ profile] hjsnapepm

Cover art/illustration for Adagio by Kimbari. House and Cuddy unwind on the couch.

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Second Artist: [ profile] hihoplastic

House and Cuddy making up... by making out.

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